Accord Debt Solutions housing rental assistance objective.

Accord Debt Solutions CC has been assisting over indebted consumers with Debt Re- structuring and Debt Management for the past sixteen years, as an alternative for Debt Review.

We are now able to assist Consumers, who were previously declined to rent property due to over indebtedness and or lack of rental deposits plus agents costs, to qualify to rent property and to:

1.   Afford monthly rental that landlords require due to limited affordability dictated by consumer income and debt commitments.

2.   Have the availability of agents fees and deposits required by landlords.

3.   Have the availability of the first month rental together with two months rental deposit and agents contract fees.

4.   Qualify for rent guarantee insurance (Where applicable).

We could further assist tenants who currently rent that are in default with their rent, due to un-affordable creditor claims, to forthwith have affordability towards their current contractual rent obligations plus an additional amount towards accumulated arrears.


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Marcel Lottering   078 976 2311  

(Managing Member of Accord Debt Solutions CC

Afford what landlords require due to limited affordability dictated by consumer income and debt commitments.

Consumers that are over indebted with creditors instalments to the extent that consumers have insufficient means to provide towards rent, water and lights and or levies are assisted by us to have creditors instalments reduced so as to have affordability towards necessary day to day expenses that include rent, water and lights payments and levies. Where consumers have existing rental agreements and have arrears on monthly rental payments, water and lights and or levies, we also assist to have funds available to settle such arrears in monthly instalments or otherwise.

Consumers that appoint us for such assistance, would have sufficient means to pay towards their required rent, water and lights usage and or levies with effect from the month following the next salary date of consumers. 

Qualify for rent guarantee insurance.

Consumers that appointed us for assistance noted above will have the availability of rent guarantee insurance that will cover three month rent I case of default.

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