Since 2002 Accord Debt Solutions CC (ADS) offer assistance to salary earning over indebted consumers, who are unable to be assisted under Debt Review.

                                                HAVE ENOUGH MONIES FROM YOUR SALARY FOR:

  • Housing rental payments and or bond payments plus extra for arrears on such payments (Existing home owners and or lessees)
  • Availability of rental deposit, affordable rent plus agents contract fees (Persons who were perviously declined on rental applications due to un affordability, lack of deposit and contract fees)
  • Monthly charged water and lights and rates and taxes (utility accounts) plus extra for arrears on such accounts.
  • Monthly school fees and or education fees plus extra for arrears on such fees.
  • Monthly vehicle lease agreements installments and or extra for arrears on such installments.
  • All other necessary day to day living expenses required for consumers and their dependants.
  • Access to monies for emergencies           


  • over indebted consumers that earn less than R 7500 per month for the proposed Debt Extinguish Programme (Debt Write Off)
  • municipla water and lights disputes to keep the lights on and or have it switched on
  • disputing illegal, incorrect and or irregular creditor claims from collecting third parties unable to prove claims
  • prohibted conduct by creditors and or their appointed representatives in terms of the NCA and other legislation.
  • formal complaints to the Credit Ombud, Banking Ombud and or the National Consumer Tribunal regarding creditors unproved, irregular or incorrect claims, illegal charges to accounts and prohibted conduct.

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